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Daily challenges are faced by people who have a physical or sensory impairment. Our staff all have the knowledge and understanding to be able to provide the best care possible, tailored to each service user.

We also encourage independence amongst our clients while supporting and listening to their needs. Our care staff are consistent and reliable with the care they provide which offers dignity and respect.

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  • All medication should be stored safely and in accordance with the instructions stated on the containers. They should be left out of the reach of children, away from food or sources of heat.
  • Intercare will only administer medicines prescribed by the General Practitioner (GP).
  • Authorisation is required prior to the purchase of medicines other than prescribed by the GP.
  • Medicine containers should always be clearly marked:

    i.e.  Name & address of client, Description / Dosage of medicine, Frequency of medication

  • Medicine containers stating, “as directed” will not be accepted until clarification of dosage is confirmed by GP
  • Correct dosage, description of medication and expiry date along with client’s name will always be checked, prior to administration.
  • ‘Nomad boxes’ should be provided by the pharmacist where the administration of large quantities of medication is required.  These boxes will include:

    Description / dosage of medication. Frequency of administration. Client’s own personal details. Contact number and address of pharmacist.

    This form of administration will be used in accordance with the pharmacist or GP only.

  • Medication record charts will be left in the client’s own home along with all medicines. Staff will date and initial the chart at all times of administration.
  • Staff will ensure that clients are made aware of the medication they are taking; refusal to take medication will be reported to the GP immediately.
  • Any suspected misuse of medicines or error in the administration by the client or carer will be reported to the GP.
  • Any suspected misuse of medicines or error in the administration by the client or carer will be reported to the GP.
  • Quantity of medicines and renewal of prescriptions should be checked at regular intervals and recorded where necessary or the pharmacist will order medication and liase with GP.
  • Intercare will not administer controlled drugs or be involved in any invasive medical practices e.g. Injections, Douches, Suppositories, Catheter insertions, Dressings (other than simple or dry), Eye drops following surgery, Cutting of fingernails or toenails.
  • No assistance with illegal drugs or substances can be allowed in any circumstances, staff have a responsibility to report to the agency and may lead to the agency terminating visits.
  • Excessive amounts of alcohol cannot be purchased, and assistance to the client in drinking alcoholic beverages cannot be permitted due to interaction with any medication the client may take.
  • Medication that is delivered to a client’s home will be arranged with the consent of the client on how it is to be stored e.g. cupboard, locked case etc.
  • Any out of date medication or creams not in use should be returned to the pharmacist.
  • On no account can any over the counter medication be purchased this includes cough remedies, pain control with out the direction of the GP this also includes any over the counter medication purchased by any family members cannot be administered by the care staff.
  • Pharmacist who deliver to a client’s home are made aware if the client has been admitted to hospital to enable the pharmacist to put a hold on the delivery of medication the pharmacist will be informed when the client is returning home.
  • Medication can be left out for a service user to take at a later time. The capability of the service user to take the medication independently will be assessed on the initial visit. Once this is established, the care plan will state the location of the medication and the care staff will sign the medication sheet that they have left medicines out. Care staff will monitor that the medication left out has been taken however, the agency cannot be held responsible for any medication when they are not present.
  • A service user that has been admitted to hospital may have a change in medication at the time of discharge Intercare will endeavour to establish any changes and only medication that the service user is discharged with will be administered. Intercare will contact the GP and pharmacist to ensure the hospital has liased by letter and prescriptions are changed to the new medication. Arrangements will be made with the pharmacist regarding past unused medicines for care staff to return to the chemist.

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